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We are working on setting up a virtual roadshow worldwide and have multiple speakers in each country, because we believe that every country has its own story to tell and inspiring experts. By setting this up we would like to stimulate engagement and lift the cleaning industry, because we believe we can all learn from each other. Together we can make a bigger impact in the world and for our industry. 

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Stepping outside of the box, together.

We are building a global platform with women in the cleaning industry to empower each other

Women in Cleaning is a global platform designed for women active in the hygiene, health and hospitality industries, to empower each other and pass on knowledge and experience to younger generations. In these male-dominated sectors, we believe that women who make a difference every day deserve a platform that embraces their authentic way of career building.  Our purpose is to connect the game changers, innovators and go-getters in our industry and highlight the trailblazers who help to push the standards of our world higher. 

Changing the perception of hygiene curators, together

Every single person on our planet benefits from hygiene, health and hospitality. Yet, unfortunately, to this day our industry faces many negative stigmas. The idea that our work is performed by those who have nothing else to offer to society is one of the many forms of disrespect workers in our industry face. At Women in Cleaning we believe that we can change perceptions by shining a light on the wonderful women behind the job: their stories, challenges, ideas and dreams. Together, we will spread awareness of and demand recognition for our crucial industry.

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Women in Cleaning is part of a bigger picture

Women In Cleaning is part of a bigger picture, a global platform designed to unite all layers and people active in the hygiene, health and hospitality industry. Built to inspire and unite each other. This is because we can't have the conversations all by ourselves. We believe that we can only make our goals happen when connecting with everyone involved. Our wonderful industry is active everywhere in the world and now more than ever, recognised for its importance. Different countries deal with different challenges in hygienic solutions, legal regulations, and sustainable issues. 

Embracing the power of unity in our forward thinking industry

Cleaning is a craft that requires learning. By knowing how to clean we are improving our hygiene, which reduces the amount of sick people in offices and deaths in hospitals. We can create a safer work environment for cleaners by minimizing toxins and harmful chemicals if we keep up with innovations in the industry. And by listening to each other we contribute to sustainability by protecting ocean, wildlife by minimilizing plastic waste.

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