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Image by Amy Hirschi

Our team includes you

We realize that our work wouldn't be possible without the input of the incredible women who share their stories through us. That's why we credit everyone on our homepage. 

Meet Martine

Hello! My name is Martine Mallee, gamechanger in hygiene, health, hospitality and happiness. I believe that maintaining our society in a sustainable way contributes to a higher quality of life and that health is fundamental to prosperity. Therefore I am on a journey to educate the world about cleaning.


Today I am helping others to increase their success rate during trade shows, events and online. I help businesses grow and educate the world on cleaning to make the world a better place to live in.   

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Meet Jamie

Jamie Laurentius, founder of Artistry Avenue is a creative director, editor and brand manager. With a decade of experience in branding and marketing, she helps businesses and organisations build their online identities. Being active ambassador in the world of women's football, she's started to recognize the inequality some women deal with in the professional field. Joining Women in Cleaning she aims to be the change she wishes to see in the world.

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