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Tiziana Maiello: "Try not to be a man. The best quality we have is our femininity."

Group Coordinator Manager Presso DHYS International Group
Try not to be a man. The best quality we have is our femininity.

It wasn't easy to get to where I am now. At almost 49, I can say that I am fulfilled and satisfied with my position. I think what brought me here was my tenacity. The desire to never give up. I had a constant will to always improve myself and always question myself. I have never relaxed or stayed in my comfort zone.I have always raised the bar higher for myself and it paid off.

What does the cleaning industry need?

I believe the cleaning industry definitely needs better solutions. Most of our customers approach our world out of necessity and quick fix, but above all - to find a solution to the issues is what's really needed. We must be there for our customers, and be ready to support their challenges and find better solutions to their needs.

What advice can you give to other women?

The advice I can give to other women is: Try not to be a man. The best quality we have, and the winning weapon is our femininity. Empathy and sensitivity are fundamental qualities in work built on the foundations that are human relationships.

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