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With almost 50 years of experience in facility services, especially cleaning, but also catering, reception services, and back office activities, I have seen a lot of the industry. As author of 3 educational cleaning books and former board member of the employers' organisation, motivational speaker at a world congress on behalf of the employers' organisation and an editor of cleaning journals, my expertises are market trends, collective labour agreements and negotiations, people behind the cleaning product and gossip within the industry. In the performance of cleaning, the ratio is that more women than men are employed, but this ratio is definitely different for management in the cleaning sector.

For me it's about the qualities of the person, regardless of the sex. Women do not have an advantage, and should be seen as equal. The coat rack diversity/inclusiveness should not in itself be used to get this extra dash. As a columnist I want to excite and not show parrot behavior. Don't put women on a pedestal but on a pedestal like men.

Henk Cornelisse

Henk Cornelisse



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