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We are delighted to announce: Sarika Saluja of the World Toilet Organization • Specialist in International & Multicultural Communication Alexandra Goman • TEDx Speaker, Chief Technology Officer at Enozo Xu Simon PhD, MBA • and Business Coach & International speaker Josefine Wanner as our first official speakers. 

These trailblazers from around the globe will share stories on leadership, challenges, climate change, equality, sustainability and impact-globalisation, while sharing powerful words of advice to empower you. We believe that by offering our industry the platform to engage and unite by connection we can all grow.

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Sarika Saluja

World Toilet Organization

Development professional with 18+ years of experience in the development sector, primarily system-led social and economic empowerment. She is currently General Manager for the nonprofit World Toilet Organization, (from her base in Dubai), advocating for improved and safely managed sanitation facilities across the globe. Co-created and led the World Toilet Summit (WTS) an onsite event in India, Brazil, Melbourne, and Nigeria, and a virtual one in Singapore. 

Alexandra Goman

ISSA Pulire Network

International, intercultural, interdisciplinary are the most accurate words that describe Alexandra Goman. Having studied, worked, and travelled a half of the world, she has developed a unique way to approach issues from a different perspective. She has a specialist degree in Cross-Cultural Сommunication & Translation, MA in Philosophy and M.Sc. in European and International Studies. She is now in charge of Education and Certification Programs at ISSA PULIRE NETWORK, the office of ISSA, the Global Cleaning Industry Association, in Europe, Middle East, and Africa

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Xu Simon

TEDx Speaker, Chief Technology Officer at Enozo

Xu Simon is Chief Technology Officer for Enozo Technologies, Inc. in North Andover MA.  She has a PhD in Biophysical Chemistry and Molecular Structure from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA in Global Business from Bentley University.  She is speaking about the interplay between sustainability and transformation in business, especially within the cleaning industry.  She became interested in this topic while pursuing her MBA and realizing that successful companies need to be able to integrate both—sustainable products and practices to create value in the market, and transformational ideas and products to grow and adapt.  However, individuals within companies usually value one more than the other, causing conflict.  Xu thinks deeply about the interplay between sustainability and transformation and how to help them integrate into a cohesive community.

Josefine Wanner 

Business Coach & International Speaker

Josefine Wanner is a former corporate executive turned entrepreneur, business growth strategist & international speaker. After almost 20 years as a financial services consultant and global program manager (at two of the Big4 companies, and one of Switzerland’s largest banks) a heartbreaking wake-up call gave her the courage to take the risk and start pursuing her own dreams. Within four weeks after her wake-up call, she resigned from her high status, well-paid job and made the commitment to overcome her fears and create a life of her own choosing. Today, she helps others do the same

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Pamini Hemaprabha

Peninsula Hotel London

Pamini Hemaprabha, an international hospitality expert, author and a seasoned hotelier with 18 years of international luxury hospitality experience in senior leadership roles. A proud recipient of more than 10 international awards and an expert in her field. Pamini has worked in more than 8 countries and her experience is one of its kind. Her journey began with ITC park Sheraton in 2003 after graduating in Gold Medallist in Hotel Management from Bharthiar university. She is now currently embarking on her yet another iconic journey as Director of Services with Peninsula London.

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Stepping outside of the box, together.

We are building a global platform with women in the cleaning industry to empower each other

Women in Cleaning is a global platform designed for women active in the hygiene, health and hospitality industries, to empower each other and pass on knowledge and experience to younger generations. In these male-dominated sectors, we believe that women who make a difference every day deserve a platform that embraces their authentic way of career building.  Our purpose is to connect the game changers, innovators and go-getters in our industry and highlight the trailblazers who help to push the standards of our world higher. 

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